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Help Wacken Ticketcenter

The Wacken Ticketcenter provides you with a user-friendly way to manage tickets for events from the Wacken universe conveniently and easily.

Here you will find all the tickets you ordered that will give you access to the event. The tickets can be downloaded here or transferred to your mobile wallet.

To ensure that everyone has direct access to their ticket, it is best to give the tickets directly to the co-buyers, if you still have them in your account. Information about this can be found under What does Ticket Transfer mean and how does it work?

Whether it's a ticket transfer, personalization, sale or purchase through the ticket market: all this can be conveniently managed through the Wacken Ticketcenter. You can also find your tickets from past events here.

You will be shown active festival tickets for the upcoming Wacken Open Air, as well as all tickets for older events from the Wacken cosmos.

Under My Tickets you will find valid tickets for upcoming events. Different options such as Ticket transfer or Personalization are available for these events.

Under Old Tickets you can find digital tickets of your past Wacken events. These can also be passed on afterwards, in case one of your friends is missing a ticket from a certain year.

Many people order tickets for their friends in one order. You can then give these tickets individually to your friends. With just a few clicks, the ticket then changes owner.

This works as follows:

  • To pass a ticket on to a friend, you need your friend's email address and enter it after clicking on Ticket Transfer. You start the ticket transfer with a click on Ticket Transfer Start.
  • Your friend will receive an email from the Wacken Ticket Center with a reference to the ticket transfer and a link to the Wacken Ticketcenter. If your friend already has a Wacken.ID, he can log in to the Ticketcenter with it. If he does not have a Wacken.ID yet, he has to register a new one (see the Wacken.ID section in the FAQ).
  • The transfered W:O:A ticket is then located in the Ticketcenter under Transactions and must be accepted by your friend there.
  • A personalization before this process is not necessary. Your friend can take over the personalication himself after accepting the ticket.

The name on the ticket must match the name of the holder. See also the point Personalization.

At the time of your order, you provided the name of the ticket owner for each ticket. This will be compared with an ID document at the entrance. If changes need to be made, for example due to a name change or if the ticket is to be used by someone else, you can do this through personalization. For processing a fee is charged.

To carry out the personalization:

  • Click the personalization button.
  • Enter the new name (of your friend), confirm the terms and conditions and click pay personalization.
  • You will then be directed directly to the payment page of our payment service provider Mollie. There you can select a payment method and pay the fee.
  • Once the processing fee is paid and processed by the system, the ticket will be personalized with the new name automatically.
  • You will receive an email with the current status through this process.

Important information about personalization:

  • Please pay attention to the correct spelling! The personalized tickets must match the ID card.
  • The first and last name is important, middle names do not have to be given.
  • After a marriage, usually one of the surnames changes. In such a case, personalization is not necessary. The birth name is recorded on the ID card!

The Wacken Ticket is a purely digital ticket and is managed through the Ticketcenter by you.

The ticket will be enabled for download or to be transferred to your mobile wallet approximately four weeks before the event.

For the tickets to the Wacken Open Air, the following applies:

  • There will be no hard tickets for the festival. All tickets are exclusively digital.
  • The Wacken Tickets are not managed through your Metaltix account, but only through the Wacken Ticketcenter.
  • The W:O:A Ticket must be presented together with a valid ID card at the wristband exchange on the festival and will be exchanged for a festival wristband.
  • Do not under any circumstances pass on your ticket. The exchange for a festival wristband is only possible once.

Also check your spam folder in your e-mail mailbox regularly and make sure that the e-mail can be delivered.

Payments for e.g. fees incurred during repersonalization, we process via the payment service provider Mollie.

You can choose between the following payment methods:

  • Credit and debit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Klarna Sofortüberweisung
  • Giropay
  • Prepayment / SEPA bank transfer
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
  • iDeal (Holland)

Please note the following for SEPA transfers:

  • Please pay all fees with the given order number individually and do not combine them. You can also find the order number under orders.
  • If you have an error with the order number and Mollie cannot automatically assign it, then the money will be transferred automatically back to you.
  • If you transfer too little, too much or more than once for an order, the money will be automatically refunded to you and no assignment, even double, will be made to your order.
  • Payments in advance must be transferred no later than six days after the order.

Note: We have no influence on these processes, as they are highly automated. Unfortunately, we cannot intervene there.

Do you still have tickets for W:O:A 2021, which have not yet been refunded or exchanged for a W:O:A 2022 ticket? Then you can request a refund.

To do so, please click on the refund button. Then select the type of refund and enter the requested data.

After a verification we will process the refund.

You will also be informed of the status of the refund by email.

Do you still have tickets for W:O:A 2021, which have not yet been refunded or exchanged for a W:O:A 2022 ticket? Then you can request a refund.

To do so, please click on the refund button. Then select the type of refund and enter the requested data.

After a verification we will process the refund.

You will also be informed of the status of the refund by email.

All active, i.e., non-devalued, tickets for W:O:A 2023, Wacken United 2023, Wacken United Catering 2023, Bauer Uwe's Garden 2023, Residenz Evil 2023, and Bus Shuttle Itzehoe 2023 will be refunded.

Refunds for these tickets can be processed directly through the Wacken Ticketcenter until December 31, 2023.

To do so, please click on the Refund button. Then, choose the type of refund and provide the required information.

After verification, we will process the refund.

You will also be informed about the refund status via email.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you received your ticket through one of our partners, for example, as a prize, please contact them directly. These tickets will not be refunded.

Refunds from third-party providers will be handled directly by the respective provider. Please get in touch with the provider for this purpose.

Returns and refunds of active festival tickets are not possible.

You can list your festival ticket for sale on the ticket exchange in the Wacken Ticketcenter. Please see the point Ticket market here in the FAQ for this.

For friends and acquaintances, this ticket can be passed on to them with the Ticket transfer button. See also the point Ticket transfer for this.

You have an idea that can help make the Wacken Ticketcenter even better? Bring it on!

Nobody is perfect, not even the best software. If you find a bug, please do the following:

→ Take a screenshot of the page with your issue

→ Copy the URL from the browser address bar

→ And send both with a brief description to us.

With your help we can solve problems as quickly as possible. Thanks for your support!

No problem, the Metaltix support team is here to help you with advice and action.

Send us an email, then we can best solve your problem.

Of course, the team is also available at the hotline at +49-4827-999 666 66. Our hotline hours are from Monday to Friday 10:00 - 16:00.

Help Wacken.ID

The Wacken.ID is your access to the Wacken world. With the Wacken.ID you have an account with which you can log in to different sites. Currently you can use the Wacken.ID here in the Wacken Ticket Center, in the Wacken Forum and at Metalmerch. More services will follow!

So: only remember one access and password and get access through Single-Sign-On to the different websites!

You have received an email with an invitation link for the ticketcenter as a buyer of tickets for our Wacken events. Through this link you can create a Wacken.ID, when there is no Wacken.ID for the specified email address yet. With these access data you can then log into the Wacken Ticketcenter.

If you have already registered a Wacken.ID with the email from the ticket order, simply log in to the Ticketcenter with it. The tickets are then automatically stored in your account.

In order to register with the Wacken Ticketcenter, you need a Wacken.ID. With the Wacken.ID you can log in to various sites, including the Wacken Ticketcenter.

To start the registration, click on the Register button on the Ticketcenter's start page. If you have ordered a Wacken ticket, you will also get a corresponding link in the confirmation email.

  • Fill in your data in the form that opens.
  • If you have ordered Wacken tickets but do not yet have a Wacken.ID, it is important that you use the email address given for the order to register. The tickets are automatically stored with this email address only.
  • Once you have entered the data and successfully submitted the form, you will receive an email to verify your email address. Click on the link contained in it. The link for activating your Wacken.ID is valid for 24 hours.
  • From now on you can log in to the Ticketcenter with these data via the Wacken.ID.

If the link for activating your Wacken.ID has expired, you can send yourself a new link. To do this, click on Forgot password at the Wacken.ID login and enter your email address. You will immediately receive an email with a link to enter a new password and activate your account with it.

Have you forgotten your password, then enter your registered email address on the page Wacken.ID - Forgot Password? and submit the form.

The email with the link to reset the password will be sent to you immediately.

The link to reset the password is valid for 24 hours.

Do you still have access to your Wacken.ID, then log in with it in the Wacken Ticketcenter and click on your user in the top right corner and then on Profile. There you can change your data and also your email address of your Wacken.ID.

We will send an email to the new email address with a link to verify your new email address. This link is valid for 24 hours.

If you have a new email address but no longer have access to your Wacken.ID because you no longer know the password, please send us an email.

Please check your spam folder first!

Especially with free email addresses (GMX, Gmail, Web, etc.), the email may have been classified as spam.

If you find the email in the spam folder, we recommend that you follow the instructions and recommendations of your email provider to find our emails in the regular inbox in the future.

You didn't get any mail from us or it was automatically deleted (as is usual with spam folders) after a certain time? Then you can also create your Wacken.ID directly via the Ticketcenter start page and the Register button. It is important that you use the same email address here that you used for the order.

Do you want to merge tickets stored in different accounts? You can use the Ticket Transfer function for that. Simply click the Ticket Transfer button under the ticket and follow the instructions.

More information can be found under the section What does Ticket transfer mean and how does it work?

Have you activated the two-factor authentication for your Wacken.ID but don't have access to your second factor authentication, such as your smartphone? Please write us an email.

Upon submission of a sworn statement and a processing fee, we will unlock your access again.

Help Wacken Ticket Market

With the Ticket Market, we have created a platform where fans can resell their tickets to other fans anonymously, securely and easily and search for offered tickets.

We provide the technical platform and act as an intermediary for the payment. The interested person pays the original amount (plus a handling fee) to us. Once payment has been received, we transfer the ticket to the new owner and transfer the purchase amount to the seller.

We cannot give a guarantee that the ticket will be sold via the ticket exchange.

To submit a request, you must register a Wacken.ID and sign up at the Wacken Ticketcenter. If you already have a Wacken.ID, then log in to the Wacken Ticketcenter with those details.

Under the menu item Ticket Market you can make a request for a ticket.

As soon as there is an open offer, this will be assigned to you automatically and you will receive an information by e-mail.

You must now pay the ticket within the deadline. If you do not pay it, it will be assigned to another request.

If you pay the ticket, it will be transferred to you automatically and you will find it under My Tickets. There you can also do the free personalization.

Under My Tickets you will find your currently active tickets.

After clicking on Post ticket on Ticket Market a further page opens, where you can enter your country as well as your bank or credit card details. The ticket amount will be transferred to this bank account / credit card after a sale.

The interested person transfers the due amount to us. Once we have recorded the payment, we will transfer the original amount to the seller and automatically transfer the ticket to the interested person.

Yes, a Wacken.ID is mandatory to register at the Wacken Ticketcenter and to take part at the ticket market.

To register a Wacken.ID, simply click on Registration on the start page of the Wacken Ticketcenter and follow the instructions.

Under Transactions you can always find the current information about your offer in your ticket center, for example if a ticket has been requested or paid out.

Additionally, we send an email to you with each change of status. Please also check your spam folder for this!

After the ticket has been paid for and the payment processed, the ticket will automatically transfer to your Wacken Ticketcenter Account.

For further information please visit How do I get my ticket delivered?

Once the interested person has paid for the ticket and the fee, the ticket price will be paid out to the account/credit card you provided as quickly as possible.

No problem, as long as no interested person has been found, you can withdraw an offered ticket anytime. Once your ticket has been assigned to an interested person, it is no longer possible to remove the ticket from the exchange.

The processing fee to be paid by the interested person covers the costs incurred by the ticket exchange. The fee also includes the repersonalization fee.

If no interested person is found for the offered ticket, the risk of non-sale remains with the customer.

We, W:O:A / Metaltix, provide only the technology and platform here to enable resale.

Please note that there are always ticket holders who cannot participate shortly before the event. Consequently, the supply of admission tickets increases, not always in the same proportion as the demand, even in a sold-out festival.

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